Congrats to Mianfang Ruan

I wanted to tell you thanks for all the help you are providing. It is fantastic to receive coaching from someone you know is providing accurate data backed by science, especially with the limited resources in my area. As long as you can fit me in I plan to be here a while.

Brooke Burkhalter, Olympic Weightlifter

Congrats to Mianfang Ruan

Human Performance Consultings's motion analysis specialist, Mianfang Ruan, recently passed his dissertation defense and has earned his PhD in Biomechanics from Louisiana State University. Congratulations to Mianfang for the successful completion of his doctorate and for all the hard work he does with HPC. 

HPC at Modesto Relays

HPC provides biomechanical consultation to the elite athletes competing at the Modesto Relays as part of USA Track & Field's High Performance Plan.

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