HPC starts Vimeo Channel

In an era where developing the sport-specific abilities of speed, power, and lateral movement is absolutely necessary, HPC can provide athletes with the cutting-edge training techniques and opportunities that all athletes need.

Steve Rousey, Head Baseball Coach, Cal State Northridge

HPC starts Vimeo Channel

With the success of HPC's YouTube Channel we have decided to branch out our marketing and open a video channel on Vimeo as well. Vimeo offers significantly higher quality video playback and allows us to reach a new market. As with our YouTube channel, we will be regularly updating our new channel on Vimeo.

HPC opens AthleticLab

HPC is proud to announce the opening of it's latest web property: AthleticLab. AthleticLab will serve as the product oriented sister-site of HPCsport.com. We will continue to sell our products at this site but developed AthleticLab to offer a richer buying experience and offer a true storefront with the guaranteed lowest costs for all of the products sold on AthleticLab.com.

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