Rice Speed Symposium Deluxe Set [DVD]

Biomechanics of the Rotational Shot Put [DVD] product image

Biomechanics of the Rotational Shot Put presents an overview of the fundamentals and techniques used by the world’s best rotational shot putters. Mike Young presents his ongoing research conducted on America’s medal winning throwers is presented in an easy-to-understand, coach-friendly manner that is appropriate for coaches and athletes of all competitive…  Learn More!

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Biomotor Development of Speed-Power Athletes [DVD] product image

In Biomotor Development of Speed-Power Athletes, Mike Young presents a detailed overview of the five biomotor abilities (strength, speed, flexibility, coordination, and endurance) and describes how to best train these abilities to maximize the performance of a speed-power athlete. This DVD is appropriate for coaches and athletes of all competitive levels and for a variety…  Learn More!

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SuperTraining [Book] product image

Supertraining 6th edition is the expanded version by Prof. Yuri Verkhoshansky and Dr. Mel Siff. This new edition contains more than 70 pages of never before published material from Dr. Verkhoshansky. This book is a must have for all coaches and trainers. Dr. Mel Siff and Prof. Yuri Verkoshanksky are two of the most foremost leaders in training theory and sport science. The information provided in this book is more in-depth and expansive than any…  Learn More!


The Throws, 6th Edition [Book] product image

Contemporary Theory, Technique and Training, Edited by Glenn Thompson. This is the 6th edition (2007) of this excellent volume on the four throwing events: shot, discus, hammer and javelin. This edition contains 34 of the best and most recent articles on the four throwing events, a compilation that essentially gives you an invaluable course in the latest thinking and research on these events. These articles are taken from such publications as Track…  Learn More!


Transfer of Training in Sports [Book] product image

This great book from the legendary Russian Coach and Sports Scientist Anatoliy Bondarchuk is a must-have for all coaches. Bondarchuk is a former Olympic champion and multi-time world-record holder himself and he has coached over 23 athletes to the Olympics. This book is filled with tons of great information including over 100 charts and tables. Some charts give test results from Soviet Olympic Champions in various strength and field tests. Others…  Learn More!


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