Rice Speed Symposium Deluxe Set [DVD]

Designing Warmups 2 DVD Bundle product image

This 2 DVD bundle features presentations from Dr. Mike Young and Dr. Larry Judge. This comprehensive package will tell you how to structure the warmup both in practice and competitions to get the best results and reduce the likelihood of injury. Both of the presenters are sport scientists and coaches and bring an applied knowledge of sport science that is easy to understand and incorporate in to your daily and competition warmup routines. These…  Learn More!

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The Shot Put Handbook [Book] product image

Larry Judge and Mike Young have spent much of their professional careers studying the fundamentals and techniques involved in successfully throwing the shot. Two of the most respected individuals in track & field, they share their combined expertise in The Shot Put Handbook. No better reference for the shot put event currently exists on the market. The book is full of easy-to-understand principles and step-by-step teaching progressions, coupled…  Learn More!

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National Throws Coaches Association Complete Throws Video [DVD] product image

The most comprehensive throws DVD ever produced! This DVD has over 8 hours of video from the best sport scientists and coaches in the country. All throwing events are covered in this one-stop source of information. Learn from legends like Knut Hjeltnes, Tom Puksys, and Jud Logan. Teaching great and founder of the National Throws Coaches Association, Rob Lasorsa, and USATF Shot Put Biomechanist, Mike Young are also featured. Among the many topics covered…  Learn More!
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The Horizontal Jumps: Planning for Long Term Development [Book] product image

A comprehensive insight into how to develop the Horizontal Jumper. Detailing every aspect of long term preparation, training periodization, technical guidelines, and much more. Chapter breakdowns include:

1) Introduction to the horizontal jumps, a look at past, present, and future jumpers and details of all the major jumps in history

2) Detailed breakdown of all technical components related to the long and triple jump.…  Learn More!

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Biomotor Development of Speed-Power Athletes [DVD] product image

In Biomotor Development of Speed-Power Athletes, Mike Young presents a detailed overview of the five biomotor abilities (strength, speed, flexibility, coordination, and endurance) and describes how to best train these abilities to maximize the performance of a speed-power athlete. This DVD is appropriate for coaches and athletes of all competitive levels and for a variety…  Learn More!

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