Rice Speed Symposium Deluxe Set [DVD]

Designing Warmups 2 DVD Bundle product image

This 2 DVD bundle features presentations from Dr. Mike Young and Dr. Larry Judge. This comprehensive package will tell you how to structure the warmup both in practice and competitions to get the best results and reduce the likelihood of injury. Both of the presenters are sport scientists and coaches and bring an applied knowledge of sport science that is easy to understand and incorporate in to your daily and competition warmup routines. These…  Learn More!

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Penultimate and Takeoff Mechanics in the Long Jump [DVD] product image

Penultimate and Takeoff Mechanics in the Long Jump details the takeoff mechanics and training techniques that Tom Tellez used to coach the greatest long jumper in track and field history—Carl Lewis. The DVD addresses specific misconceptions about the penultimate step and the long-jump takeoff and details the best way to take off in the long jump. In an easy-to-understand…  Learn More!
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2007 NTCA Clinic [DVD] product image

The 2007 NTCA Clinic DVD presents the 36 sessions of the 2007 National Throws Coaches Association annual clinic. This two-volume, 8-disc DVD set offers more than 31 hours of instruction and insight, featuring many of the top performers and coaches in the history of the sport. The DVD also includes two special elements- the 2007 NTCA Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and the 2007 Hall of Fame panel discussion. Features Hal Connolly, Reese Hoffa, Larry…  Learn More!

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Maximizing Competition Performance: The Warm-Up and Post-Activation Potentiation [DVD] product image

Maximizing Competition Performance: The Warm-Up and Post-Activation Potentiation presents strategies that track and field coaches can use to enhance the performance of their athletes by employing appropriate warm-up routines. The DVD reviews the role of the warm-up and discusses detailed cutting-edge warm-up protocols and strategies that are designed to yield immediate…  Learn More!
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2008 NTCA Throws Handbook [Book] product image

Featuring articles by several of America’s most outstanding coaches and sport scientists, including HPC’s Mike Young, Glen Arnold, G. Martin Bingisser, Scott Cappos, William Caton, Harold Connolly, Matt Ellis, Al Fereshetian, John Frazier, Bob Gourley, Brett Halter, Mark Harsha, Mark Heckel, Larry Judge, John Kenneson, Rob Lasorsa, Jud Logan, Rob MacIntyre, Jeff Magley, Andreas V. Maheras, Fletcher McEwen, Mark Mirabelli, Craig…  Learn More!

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