Rice Speed Symposium Deluxe Set [DVD]

Maximal Velocity Sprint Mechanics [DVD] product image

Maximal Velocity Sprint Mechanics offers a comprehensive, yet easy to understand analysis of the mechanics and techniques associated with efficient sprinting. Presented by Mike Young, the DVD features a detailed explanation and technical breakdown of maximal velocity sprinting that can be easily implemented by coaches to develop their athletes speed. This DVD is appropriate…  Learn More!

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Maximum Performance Baseball Clinic DVD 3 [DVD] product image

The third DVD in this series features almost 2 hours of Ron Wolforth of the Texas Baseball Ranch and Mike Young of Human Performance Consulting. The presenters bring a wealth of training knowledge and experience and provide blockbuster presentations that will help to improve your game.

America Losing the Pitching Battle by Ron Wolforth-Texas Baseball Ranch

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The Horizontal Jumps: Planning for Long Term Development [Book] product image

A comprehensive insight into how to develop the Horizontal Jumper. Detailing every aspect of long term preparation, training periodization, technical guidelines, and much more. Chapter breakdowns include:

1) Introduction to the horizontal jumps, a look at past, present, and future jumpers and details of all the major jumps in history

2) Detailed breakdown of all technical components related to the long and triple jump.…  Learn More!

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Maximum Performance Baseball Clinic DVD 2 [DVD] product image

The second DVD in this series features Perry Husband of Filthy Training Systems and Mike Young of Human Performance Consulting. This DVD is all about speed…understanding concepts of “Effective Velocity” and sprinting speed development.

Filthy: Science of Effective Velocity by Perry Husband-Filthy Training Systems

Former College World…  Learn More!

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Rice Speed Symposium Deluxe Set [DVD] product image

This is a deluxe DVD set containing videos of the presentations from both the Feb. 2011 and Nov. 2011 Rice Speed Symposiums. There five presentations and over 7 hours of presentation from international authorities on sprint research and training.

This set includes the following presentations:

1) Peter Weyand, PhD: “Forcing the…  Learn More!

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