Rice Speed Symposium Deluxe Set [DVD]

Eccentric Strength Development: Specific Means for Specific Strength for the Jumps [DVD] product image

Featuring USATF high jump-event coordinator Dave Kerin, Eccentric Strength Development: Specific Means for Specific Strength for the Jumps provides an invaluable overview of the most appropriate means for developing strength and explosive power for the jumping events. The DVD details the revolutionary techniques that coaches can use to help improve the performance of their…  Learn More!
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Maximal Velocity Sprint Mechanics [DVD] product image

Maximal Velocity Sprint Mechanics offers a comprehensive, yet easy to understand analysis of the mechanics and techniques associated with efficient sprinting. Presented by Mike Young, the DVD features a detailed explanation and technical breakdown of maximal velocity sprinting that can be easily implemented by coaches to develop their athletes speed. This DVD is appropriate…  Learn More!

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Maximum Performance Baseball Clinic DVD 2 [DVD] product image

The second DVD in this series features Perry Husband of Filthy Training Systems and Mike Young of Human Performance Consulting. This DVD is all about speed…understanding concepts of “Effective Velocity” and sprinting speed development.

Filthy: Science of Effective Velocity by Perry Husband-Filthy Training Systems

Former College World…  Learn More!

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SuperTraining [Book] product image

Supertraining 6th edition is the expanded version by Prof. Yuri Verkhoshansky and Dr. Mel Siff. This new edition contains more than 70 pages of never before published material from Dr. Verkhoshansky. This book is a must have for all coaches and trainers. Dr. Mel Siff and Prof. Yuri Verkoshanksky are two of the most foremost leaders in training theory and sport science. The information provided in this book is more in-depth and expansive than any…  Learn More!


Practice Variability: A Framework for Coaches [DVD] product image

Practice Variability: A Framework for Coaches presents an overview of the key factors involved in Dr. Will Wu's renowned "practice framework." Featuring a unique combination of motor learning principles, the DVD is a tool that track and field athletes and coaches can use to design training environments to optimize movement memory. The primary focus of such an environment…  Learn More!
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