Rice Speed Symposium Deluxe Set [DVD]

2007 NTCA Throws Handbook [Book] product image

The 2007 NTCA Throws Handbook provides a wealth of information for coaches who want to help their throwers perform at their best. The 34 articles included in this book represent some of the best and brightest minds in the track and field community. The compilation of articles in this book addresses a comprehensive array of topics, ranging from both essential coaching guidelines and specific technical instruction in the five throws events to basic…  Learn More!

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Strength Training for Multi-Sport Athletes [DVD] product image

This is an 80 minute presentation on the benefits and best-practices of strength training for triathletes. The presentation was given by HPC’s Mike Young at a USA Triathlon CEU seminar held at HPC’s Athletic Lab in March 2010. In the presentation, Mike provides the reasons all triathletes should include resistance training and provides research and anecdotal evidence for his suggestions. He also suggests the best means of training to…  Learn More!


Pole-Vault Training: Elements for All Levels [Book] product image

Pole-Vault Training: Elements for All Levels illustrates a training method for the pole vault that focuses on the construction of the correct posture in order to optimize technical understanding of the sport.
While obtaining correct posture is important to any sport, it is especially essential in the pole vault, a complex sport based on various technical and motor aspects and running techniques. Trainers can use the methods in this book…  Learn More!

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Dynamic Warmup Considerations for Speed-Power Athletes [DVD] product image

Dynamic Warmup Considerations for Speed-Power Athletes offers a comprehensive overview of the means and methods of an effective dynamic warmup for speed-power athletes. Presented by Mike Young, the DVD provides detailed examples and descriptions of the various components of an effective warmup and provides practical advice on how to best integrate them in to your training…  Learn More!

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