Rice Speed Symposium Deluxe Set [DVD]

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Practice Variability: A Framework for Coaches [DVD] product image

Practice Variability: A Framework for Coaches presents an overview of the key factors involved in Dr. Will Wu's renowned "practice framework." Featuring a unique combination of motor learning principles, the DVD is a tool that track and field athletes and coaches can use to design training environments to optimize movement memory. The primary focus of such an environment…  Learn More!
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Strength Training for Multi-Sport Athletes [DVD] product image

This is an 80 minute presentation on the benefits and best-practices of strength training for triathletes. The presentation was given by HPC’s Mike Young at a USA Triathlon CEU seminar held at HPC’s Athletic Lab in March 2010. In the presentation, Mike provides the reasons all triathletes should include resistance training and provides research and anecdotal evidence for his suggestions. He also suggests the best means of training to…  Learn More!


Rice Speed Symposium Deluxe Set [DVD] product image

This is a deluxe DVD set containing videos of the presentations from both the Feb. 2011 and Nov. 2011 Rice Speed Symposiums. There five presentations and over 7 hours of presentation from international authorities on sprint research and training.

This set includes the following presentations:

1) Peter Weyand, PhD: “Forcing the…  Learn More!

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National Throws Coaches Association Complete Throws Video [DVD] product image

The most comprehensive throws DVD ever produced! This DVD has over 8 hours of video from the best sport scientists and coaches in the country. All throwing events are covered in this one-stop source of information. Learn from legends like Knut Hjeltnes, Tom Puksys, and Jud Logan. Teaching great and founder of the National Throws Coaches Association, Rob Lasorsa, and USATF Shot Put Biomechanist, Mike Young are also featured. Among the many topics covered…  Learn More!
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Maximum Performance Baseball Clinic DVD 2 [DVD] product image

The second DVD in this series features Perry Husband of Filthy Training Systems and Mike Young of Human Performance Consulting. This DVD is all about speed…understanding concepts of “Effective Velocity” and sprinting speed development.

Filthy: Science of Effective Velocity by Perry Husband-Filthy Training Systems

Former College World…  Learn More!

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