Maximum Performance Baseball Clinic DVD 2 [DVD]

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Maximum Performance Baseball Clinic DVD 2 [DVD]

The second DVD in this series features Perry Husband of Filthy Training Systems and Mike Young of Human Performance Consulting. This DVD is all about speed…understanding concepts of “Effective Velocity” and sprinting speed development.

Filthy: Science of Effective Velocity by Perry Husband-Filthy Training Systems

Former College World Series Div. 2 MVP and Minnesota Twins draftee presents his innovative approach to pitching and hitting: “Filthy: The Science of Effective Velocity.”

Developing 6.2 60 yd/3.7 Home-2-First by Mike Young-Human Performance Consulting

Mike details the speed development methods that he has become widely recognized for. In this DVD Mike examines the physical and technical components of speed and provides easily applied coaching techniques to improve an athlete’s speed.

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