Rice Speed Symposium Deluxe Set [DVD]


The Shot Put Handbook [Book] product image

Larry Judge and Mike Young have spent much of their professional careers studying the fundamentals and techniques involved in successfully throwing the shot. Two of the most respected individuals in track & field, they share their combined expertise in The Shot Put Handbook. No better reference for the shot put event currently exists on the market. The book is full of easy-to-understand principles and step-by-step teaching progressions, coupled…  Learn More!

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Strength Training for Multi-Sport Athletes [DVD] product image

This is an 80 minute presentation on the benefits and best-practices of strength training for triathletes. The presentation was given by HPC’s Mike Young at a USA Triathlon CEU seminar held at HPC’s Athletic Lab in March 2010. In the presentation, Mike provides the reasons all triathletes should include resistance training and provides research and anecdotal evidence for his suggestions. He also suggests the best means of training to…  Learn More!


Block Starts and Acceleration Mechanics [DVD] product image

Featuring legendary sprint coach Tom Tellez, Block Starts and Acceleration Mechanics presents an overview of the starting and acceleration mechanics that have made Tellez’s Santa Monica Track Club the best sprint group in the world for over a decade. The DVD details the factors that sprint coaches should look for in setting up the starting blocks, the optimal "set"…  Learn More!
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Maximal Velocity Sprint Mechanics [DVD] product image

Maximal Velocity Sprint Mechanics offers a comprehensive, yet easy to understand analysis of the mechanics and techniques associated with efficient sprinting. Presented by Mike Young, the DVD features a detailed explanation and technical breakdown of maximal velocity sprinting that can be easily implemented by coaches to develop their athletes speed. This DVD is appropriate…  Learn More!

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Biomechanics of the Rotational Shot Put [DVD] product image

Biomechanics of the Rotational Shot Put presents an overview of the fundamentals and techniques used by the world’s best rotational shot putters. Mike Young presents his ongoing research conducted on America’s medal winning throwers is presented in an easy-to-understand, coach-friendly manner that is appropriate for coaches and athletes of all competitive…  Learn More!

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