Rice Speed Symposium Deluxe Set [DVD]


Rice Speed Symposium Deluxe Set [DVD] product image

This is a deluxe DVD set containing videos of the presentations from both the Feb. 2011 and Nov. 2011 Rice Speed Symposiums. There five presentations and over 7 hours of presentation from international authorities on sprint research and training.

This set includes the following presentations:

1) Peter Weyand, PhD: “Forcing the…  Learn More!

$79.95 was $99.95

Jumping Events 3 DVD Bundle product image

This 3 DVD bundle features some of the legendary coaches of the sport. Dan Pfaff, Tom Tellez and David Kerin present on the pole vault, long jump, and general jumps training respectively. Dan Pfaff has been the coach of multiple Olympic Medalists and most recently coached Brad Walker to an American Record in the pole vault. His lecture on the pole vault goes through the weekly training plans of an elite pole vaulter. Tom Tellez is the former coach…  Learn More!

$75.95 was $85.95

Maximum Performance Baseball 3 DVD Bundle product image

This 3 DVD bundle features over 6 hours of some of the brightest minds in the sport of baseball. Lecturers Paul Nyman, Ron Wolforth, Perry Husband, Dr. Mike Young and Dr. Will Wu give in-depth presentations on all aspects of the sport. These 3 DVDs feature 6 lectures presented at the HPC Maximum Performance Baseball Clinic. Independently they each sell for $35 each but when purchased as a bundle you can get them for only $89.95.

The following…  Learn More!

$74.95 was $89.95

Designing Warmups 2 DVD Bundle product image

This 2 DVD bundle features presentations from Dr. Mike Young and Dr. Larry Judge. This comprehensive package will tell you how to structure the warmup both in practice and competitions to get the best results and reduce the likelihood of injury. Both of the presenters are sport scientists and coaches and bring an applied knowledge of sport science that is easy to understand and incorporate in to your daily and competition warmup routines. These…  Learn More!

$55.95 was $63.95

Sprint Training and Technique 4 DVD Bundle product image

This 4 DVD bundle is all you need to learn about the mechanics and training of sprinters. This 4 pack features legendary Tom Tellez (coach of Carl Lewis, Mike Marsh and Leroy Burrell among others) and Mike Young (formerly of LSU and USMA, coach of HPC Elite team) there are over 2.5 hours jam-packed with information from these elite coaches. The DVDs can be purchased separately…  Learn More!

$109.95 was $119.95

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