Rice Speed Symposium Deluxe Set [DVD]


Rice Speed Symposium Deluxe Set [DVD] product image

This is a deluxe DVD set containing videos of the presentations from both the Feb. 2011 and Nov. 2011 Rice Speed Symposiums. There five presentations and over 7 hours of presentation from international authorities on sprint research and training.

This set includes the following presentations:

1) Peter Weyand, PhD: “Forcing the…  Learn More!

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Transfer of Training in Sports Vol 2 [Book] product image

Transfer of Training in Sport: Volume II
by Dr. Anatoliy Bondarchuk
translated by Dr. Michael Yessis

This edition completes the book Training Transfer in Sport.

This book has far-reaching thoughts and ideas as well as very practical information. It brings to light concrete examples of what is involved in the development of sports form - a new concept in the acquisition of the physical and technical qualities being trained…  Learn More!


SuperTraining [Book] product image

Supertraining 6th edition is the expanded version by Prof. Yuri Verkhoshansky and Dr. Mel Siff. This new edition contains more than 70 pages of never before published material from Dr. Verkhoshansky. This book is a must have for all coaches and trainers. Dr. Mel Siff and Prof. Yuri Verkoshanksky are two of the most foremost leaders in training theory and sport science. The information provided in this book is more in-depth and expansive than any…  Learn More!


Sprint Training and Technique 4 DVD Bundle product image

This 4 DVD bundle is all you need to learn about the mechanics and training of sprinters. This 4 pack features legendary Tom Tellez (coach of Carl Lewis, Mike Marsh and Leroy Burrell among others) and Mike Young (formerly of LSU and USMA, coach of HPC Elite team) there are over 2.5 hours jam-packed with information from these elite coaches. The DVDs can be purchased separately…  Learn More!

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Competition-Phase Micro-Cycles for the Elite Pole-Vaulter [DVD] product image

Competition-Phase Micro-Cycles for the Elite Pole-Vaulter features world-renowned coach Dan Pfaff, who details a sample competition-phase micro-cycle plan of an elite pole-vaulter. The DVD reviews the speed, strength, and technical work that track coaches can use to train their pole-vaulters. The DVD also includes proven strategies for addressing such topics as diverse…  Learn More!
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